ONE Cleaner

ONE cleaner Enzymatic Detergent Surgical Instrument Cleaners cut cleaning costs. 

ONE cleaner ultrasonic medical instrument cleaners clean medical instruments faster

Surgical Instrument Detergents with Enzymatic Cleaners remove surgical bioburden and stains while cleaning surgical instruments residue free.

The ONE cleaner surgical instrument detergent delivers superior cleaning power. 

surgical instrument cleaning enzyme detergents 
$112.94 ($28.24 per gallon) 
For 1 Case of 4 gallons with 1 pump. 
The weight is 41 pounds. For cleaning medical devices, soaking, rehydrating debris, and removing surgical bioburden, stains mineral encrustations. For use with manual cleaning, ultrasonic cleaners, scope washers, and surgical instrument washers. 

The ONE cleaner enzymatic detergent surgical instrument cleaners clean faster and increase the reprocessing productivity of surgical instruments, utensils, and scopes. 

Nothing cuts surgical instrument cleaning costs as much as the ONE cleaner surgical instrument enzymatic detergents. 

ONE cleaner surgical instrument enzymatic detergents deliver the four enzymes with detergents that are necessary for effective surgical instrument cleaning

ONE cleaner surgical instrument detergent 
enzymatic cleaners strengthen the surgical instrument's passive layer of protection against corrosion for the highest quality surgical instrument cleaning before sterilization

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The ONE cleaner ​surgical instrument detergents deliver surface lubricants, for surgical instrument moving parts, and clean residue-free with every cleaning treatment so that your surgical instruments will look newer and perform longer. 

Reusable surgical instruments constitute a significant investment for any healthcare facility, so maintaining their full useful life is a cost-driven priority. Although keeping surgical instruments in their optimal condition requires significant time and resources, the cost pales in comparison to expensive repairs as well as the potential for patient harm. 

When reprocessing instruments and preparing them for sterilization, it is critical to use lubricants specifically formulated and labeled for surgical instruments. 

ONE cleaner enzymatic surgical instrument detergents deliver a water soluble lubricant treatment with every reprocessing cycle.

ONE cleaner surgical instrument detergents deliver highly concentrated enzymatic and detergent cleaners that are used as surgical instrument detergents, prewash soaking enzymatic instrument detergent cleaners, ultrasonic medical instrument cleaners, and surgical instrument surface conditioning with surface lubrication. 

The ONE cleaners are for manually cleaning surgical instruments and for use with ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaners, scope washers, and surgical instrument washer disinfectors. 

 The ONE Cleaner enzymatic detergent is designed for surgical instrument cleaning before sterilizing. 

ONE Cleaner

ONE cleaner 
Surgical Instrument Cleaning Enzyme Detergents
ONE cleaner enzyme detergent surgical instrument cleaners deliver protease enzymes, amylase enzymes, lipase enzymes, and carbohydrate enzymes with surface cleaning surfactant detergents and lubricant for moving parts. The ONE cleaner cuts cleaning costs, cleans faster, and cleans residue-free.

ONE cleaner enzyme detergent surgical instrument cleaners dissolve and remove mineral encrustation, encrusted blood, lipids, and all forms of fatty acids, stubborn stains, complex starches, and emulsifies proteins and lipids.