The ONE cleaner Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution removes stains from medical instruments with ONE application. It's the only Ultrasonic surgical instrument Cleaner product you will need. Break down and rapidly remove all forms of surgical bioburden from surgical instruments, utensils, and scopes faster, condition the surface against pitting, and lubricate moving parts of with ONE ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaning solution. 

The ONE cleaner Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaning Solution delivers a unique formulation of multi-tiered highly concentrated enzymes and detergents, and a surfactant chemical complex to rapidly break down all forms of surgical bioburden, clean the surface of surgical instruments, prevent corrosion, remove stains, condition the surface, and lubricate hinged surgical instruments. 

The all-in ONE Ultrasonic Medical Instrument Cleaner Solution and the easy FOAM-it pre-wash soaking surgical instrument cleaner are a neutral pH chemical complex that delivers a multi-tiered high-level enzyme formulation (Protease, Amylase, Lipase, and Carbohydrase enzymes) to quickly remove the most stubborn organic encrustation and bioburden including blood, fats, carbohydrates, starches, and proteins. 

The easy FOAM-it prewash soaking Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaner conditions the surface to prevent staining, corrosion, and pitting. The easy FOAM-it Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaning Solution is free rinsing and conditions the source water to counter the effects of hard water for spotless cleaning. 

The ONE ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaner replaces multiple medical instrument cleaning products used as: 
  • enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners, 
  • surgical instrument lubricants, 
  • surgical instrument stain removers, 
  • surgical instrument enzyme detergents, and 
  • endoscope enzyme cleaners. 

The ONE cleaner Ultrasonic Medical Instrument Cleaner Cleaning Solution cleans the surface and strengthens the passive protective layer of surgical instrument stainless steel. 

The all-in ONE Medical Instrument Cleaning Enzyme Lubricating Detergents deliver fastercost-cutting, and residue-free Ultrasonic Medical Instrument Cleaning. 
ONE cleaner Ultrasonic Medical Instrument Cleaner 

The ONE cleaner Ultrasonic Medical Instrument Cleaner delivers concentrated enzymes and detergents for the highest quality ultrasonic medical instrument cleaning: 
  • Lipase enzymatic cleaners, 
  • Amylase enzymatic cleaners, 
  • Carbohydrase enzymatic cleaners, and 
  • Protease Ultrasonic Enzymes with Detergent Cleaners. 

The highly concentrated ONE cleaner Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Detergents working with the enzymatic cleaning agents, with every washing cycle, remove all forms of surgical  proteinaceous bioburden, stains, and mineral encrustations for faster and residue-free reprocessing. 

ONE cleaner surgical instrument cleaning enzymes, with surface cleaning detergents and a surface lubricant for moving parts, strengthen the stainless steel surgical instrument's passive layer of protection, deliver fastercost-cutting, and residue-free cleaning Ultrasonic Medical Instrument Cleaning. 

ONE cleaner 
Ultrasonic Medical Instrument Cleaner

The ONE cleaner Enzyme Ultrasonic Medical Instrument Detergent Cleaner and easy FOAM-it pre-wash soaking surgical instrument cleaner lay down a thick layer of long-lasting enzymatic detergent ultrasonic cleaning power for superior cleaning, guaranteed

The highly concentrated ONE cleaner Ultrasonic Medical Instrument Cleaner with four enzymes break down all forms of surgical bioburden working with surface cleaning detergents for faster, cost cutting cleaning cleaning power.
ONE Cleaner

ONE Cleaner